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Hydroteck Flood Table 48 inch by 48 inch

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Description: Hydroteck Flood Table 48 inch by 48 inch
Brand: Hydroteck

Product Information

Hydrotek Flood Tables are made with the finest virgin ABS plastics, sparing no expense to bring you the highest quality and level of durability available with todays technology. Other manufactures use a much lower quality styrene plastic that does not hold up to consumer expectations. Their ABS plastics are extremely durable and hold up to shipping and use in cold weather. Their flood tables are grooved with proper irrigation channels to help keep your plants at their healthiest. The black color helps prevent the growth and spread of algae.

  • Weight: 75 lb
  • Height: 54 in
  • Width: 53.75 in
  • Depth: 7 in
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