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White Propagation Tray - 48in x 96in x 7in, Botanicare
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Description: White Propagation Tray 48 inch by 96 inch by 7 inch
Brand: Botanicare

Product Information

A 48 inch x 96 inch x 7 inch ebb and flow tray made from durable white high-impact ABS plastic. This is the most sturdy and durable ebb and flow tray on the market. The extra deep 7 inch trays provide ample flooding and draining. Compare to other trays on the market and take note of the overall quality plastic materials, trim of the edges, thickness, size, and design of the drain canals and drain port.

This durable White Propagation Tray can be used to create customized ebb and flow or drip systems. Made by Botanicare with high quality white, anti-algae inert plastic material. Easily drilled to accept bulkheads or flood and drain systems with a standard hole saw and hand drill.

Measures 48 inch x 48 inch x7 inch inside dims. 53.75 inch by 53.75 inch outside dims.

  • Weight: 75 lb
  • Height: 102 in
  • Width: 53.75 in
  • Depth: 7 in
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