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Bud Candy 1L, Advanced Nutrients

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Description: Bud Candy 1L, Advanced Nutrients
Brand: Advanced Nutrients

Product Information

Bud Candy 1L, Advanced Nutrients. Bloom Booster, Taste/Aroma Enhancer, Plant Protector.

Larger Flowers, More Taste, More Aroma, More Resins, Stronger Roots, Faster Floral Maturation, Stronger Plant Immune Systems.

Use during Bloom phase.

Bud Candy has been specially designed for use with all hydroponics, sphagnum, coco coir and soil growing mediums. Bud Candy has been developed for use with any and all hydroponics, aeroponic, drip irrigation, NFT, flood and drain and continuous liquid feed growing systems.

Custom Hydroponic carries all of your hydroponics and indoor gardening needs, no matter what phase you are in.

  • Weight: 3 lb
  • Height: 8 in
  • Width: 6 in
  • Depth: 2 in
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