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LG 24,000 BTU Flex Multi Zone Inverter Heat Pump
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Description: LG 24,000 BTU Flex Multi Zone Inverter systems include advanced technology for cost-effective, energy efficient operation. Available in heat pump configurations with 24,000 Btu/h capacity. Up to 2 zones.
Brand: LG

Product Information

Multi Zone Inverter Heat Pump - Condenser -4°F Low Ambient Heating (24K BTU)

Inverter variable-speed compressor on the outdoor unit for energy-saving operation
* Defrost / De-icing capabilities
* Restart delay of three minutes
* Self diagnosis capabilities
* Soft start reduces power surges to electrical systems
* Auto operation and auto restart operation
* Operates down to 14°F in cooling mode
* R410A refrigerant

Outdoor Model LMU247HV

Capacity (BTUs) Nominal BTU/h Class 24,000
Power Input (Min.~Rated~Max.)
Cooling (kW) 0.39~1.43~3.09
Heating (kW) 0.42~2.21~3.10
Running Current
Cooling (A)2.8~6.6~14.0
Heating (A) 3.0~10.2~14.1
Power Supply Ø / V / Hz 1/208~230/60
Power Supply Cable Outdoor (No. x AWG) 3 x 12
Transmission Cable Outdoor to Indoor unit (No. x AWG) 4 x 18
Dimensions (W x H x D) inch 34 1/4 x 31 13/16 x 12 19/32
Net Weight 130.1 lbs
Max. # of Connectable Indoor Units: 4
Refrigerant Charge (at 24.6 ft.) 74.1 oz
Type R410A
Control: EEV
Sound Level (H) Sound Pressure dB(A)+3: 51
Piping Connections:
Liquid (inch): 1/4 x 3 EA
Gas (inch): 3/8 x 3EA
Piping length spec.
Max. total piping (ft.): 246.1
Max. OD~ID piping (ft.): 82
Piping length(no add refrigerant) ft. 98.4
Max. Elevation Difference:
Outdoor Unit~Indoor Unit (ft): 49.2
Indoor Unit~Indoor Unit (ft): 24.6
Operation Range (Outdoor) Cooling (degree F) 14 ~114.8
Heating (degree F) 5~ 75.2

* Defrost /Deicing
* Restart delay (3-minutes)
* Self diagnosis
* Soft start
* Inverter (variable speed compressor)
* Auto operation (Artificial intelligence)
* Auto restart operation
* Low ambient operation to 14ºF (cooling mode)
* Gold Fin Anti-Corrosion

Exterior Unit Includes:
* Exterior unit
* Sufficient refrigerant for charging 2 indoor coils

Warranty: 5 years parts; 7 years compressor

  • Weight: 130 lb
  • Height: 45 in
  • Width: 14 in
  • Depth: 12 in
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